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the motif

All my projects are unified by my nomadic experience.
I started travelling fairly early in life.

My gaze is focused on questioning the comfort of belonging to a place or community versus the freedom of being detached, unsettled and alone.

In my work I am studying nature as a greater and colder constant opposed to warm, emotional and fragile moments of human routine.

other countries
Solo show. st petersburg. RUSSIA. 2011

During the past 20 years I have invested all my time in traveling with my cameras. Following my multinational family background with generations of political migrants, I've been particularly attracted by Greece, Middle East and North Africa.


Solo show. Sète. FRANCE. 2023

A series of portraits of 16 shared table participants and a documentary about each of them. The series has been exhibited in a room with a table for 16 that visitors could join during 3 performances of the Last Supper.


The cliffs of Etretat
work in progress

The project will show the history of the landmark in the context of World War II and art using oil painting as a medium of representing the changing light and video & sound for recreation of historical context.


Postcards from italy
2005 - 2014

A peek into everyday life of small towns and their inhabitants.


SDF. TrÉs Fragile!
work in progress. 
Sète / paris. FRANCE. 2023 / 2024

An attempt to fight the common stigma by working on my own fundamental fear of homelessness. The research includes more than 50 photo portraits of SDF people of my neighbourhood presented along with a short movie showing the artist as a possible victim of late capitalism herself.

sdf tres fragile  copy.jpg

2020 - 2023

Some of my works from the last years. Oil on canvas mounted on board. The focus of the work is mixing and application.

Deсonstruction of the object in favour of abstract composition, colour and tonal relationship within it. 


Tokamak book
2024 project

A documentary photo art book of my father's 35 mm slides and letters from Oxford and Munich to USSR telling the story of his family life in parallel of creation the first plasma reactor prototype ITER project is based on.


After hours
2005 - 2019

Chronicles of the bar scene from a point of view of a horeca worker. 

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