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born in Saint Petersburg.
forced to move to Israel for political reasons.
Currently Based in France


I express my artistic vision primarily through oil on canvas, with a significant reliance on photography, a technique I’ve adopted in the spirit of my core inspiration, Edgar Degas. Much like Degas, my work is characterized by a profound attention to unexpected details, challenging viewers to reevaluate the ordinary and discover the extraordinary within commonplace objects.


With every frame I capture, I aim to construct a bridge between the viewer and the canvas, encouraging them to follow the play of light patterns and guiding their gaze through a narrative meant to prompt a reconsideration of their perceptions. This journey is meant to explore the intricate nature of human connections in the context of my chosen backgrounds.


Drawing from my own traumatic experiences, my art seeks to redefine the concept of home and encourages contemplation of its various dimensions.



Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and heavily influenced by the city's cultural richness, my artistic journey commenced under the mentorship of Professor Ludmila Ivolgina at an early age. Growing up surrounded by the treasures of the Hermitage, I received a classical education that encompassed languages, sciences, and the arts. This academic foundation eventually led to the successful completion of my bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Saint Petersburg State University of Design and Technology.

However, my artistic trajectory took an exciting turn when I transitioned from graphic design to interior design. This shift allowed me to immerse myself in the world of spatial aesthetics, where light and texture became the primary vehicles for my creative expression. Over the years, I ventured into entrepreneurship, opening and managing a music bar, followed by a restaurant, both of which served as dynamic canvases for my artistic vision.

In 2018, my life took a dramatic and unjust turn when I faced legal challenges related to my restaurant management. As a consequence, I found myself unjustly prohibited from practicing art, speaking in public, and participating in cultural and educational activities within the Russian Federation. Faced with the impossibility of pursuing my passions in my homeland, I embarked on a life-altering journey that led me to Israel, my second homeland.

In Jerusalem, I continued to refine my skills in painting and drawing at the Jerusalem Studio School.

Four years later, I discovered the picturesque landscapes of the South of France, where I embarked on my most ambitious project to date - The Shared Table. This project embodies the essence of communication through shared meals, a concept deeply rooted in my personal history as a child, shaped by the absence of a conventional family home after the loss of my parents. Through my art, I delve into themes of home and homelessness, the dynamics of belonging to a group versus the experience of solitude. My aim is to capture the raw, unscripted emotions of human interaction in its most authentic form.

Education and professional training

2021 - 2022 Hatahana tel-aviv extended ACADEMIC YEAR  class of ADAM COHN
2020 - Hatahana tel-aviv summer class of ADAM COHN
2019 - 2020 jerusalem studio school full time master class of Yedidya Hershberg and Deborah Sebaoun

2004 st. petersburg state university of design and technology | graphic design ba


2023 GalLerie Zoom, SETE, FRANCE 2023

2020 nomer 47, ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA  



works in collections 

GErmany, israel, France



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Cafe-bar producty

a dreamy place opened at 2011, which feels authentically 1978.

thrift store finds meet well selected small batched distillates from all over the world.

a true moment of the past in the present supported by music of the late 70s to early 90s

played from vinyl turn tables 


A MIddle eastern restaurant opened to bring customers from different regions of the middle east together to share and enjoy traditional food in peace. design supported by middle eastern pop and folk music from the 70's.


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