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the shared table

The project is a series of 16 portraits of the same size (42 х 32 cm),

oil on canvas on panel. They are presented together with a movie, which is demonstrated on a vintage TV. A big table for 12 is installed in the middle of the room for every0ne to share. 

It represents local community of a small town in the south
of France. Their stories are told in painting, analogue photography,

a movie and text explication.


why mixed media?

Footage as a peek into their daily routines, analogue photography as a part of classic reportage angle, text explications as a document of personal interaction between the artist and her heroes and painted portraits as an ultimate result of this interaction.

the heroes:

Next stage of the project

During the exhibition I will do 3 shared table live performances
that I will film for the second stage of the project - a monumental painting
of a symbolic dinner for 12.

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